Continual educational sessions - General information

Several continual education sessions on radiation protection will be organised. These sessions are free of charge for participating cardiologists and electrophysiologists who agree on having their eyes examined and complete both questionnaires.

For the continual education session both RIZIV/INAMI and FANC/AFCN accreditation is requested.

Interested cardiologists and electrophysiologists can register to the most convenient continual education session.
Participants will be welcomed with coffee. A lunch will be provided at the end of the meeting.

General programme

Ophthalmological examinations and completing questionnaires (2 hours)

break: coffee/sandwiches (30 min)

Educational session on radiation protection (1h45) 

  • Health risks of low dose radiation (by IDEWE/CESI)
  • Radiation induced lens opacities: epidemiological evidence (by Lara Struelens – SCK•CEN)
  • TIPS & TRICKS to reduce patient and staff doses (by Peter Covens – VUB)
  • Fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures and radiation protection: opportunities and challenges
    (by Katrien Van Slambrouck – FANC/AFCN).
End of session: coffee/sandwiches

Planned sessions


To register for one of the education sessions, please complete the online registration form.

Future continual education sessions will be announced on the BELCOLORE website.

More information on the events can be obtained by mailing to